27 March 2009


Tahukah anda bahawa telefon bimbit anda sedikit sebanyak
boleh membantu dikala kecemasan.Banyak perkara yang boleh anda
lakukan,antaranya : -


Sentiasa ingat bahawa nombor kecemasan untuk semua telefon
adalah 112.Jika anda dalam kecemasan dan berada dikawasan tiada liputan
untuk semua talian telefon bimbit yang anda gunakan, cuba dail nombor
kecemasan 112.Ia boleh digunakan walaupun di kawasan yang tiada liputan
dan lebih menarik lagi,ia boleh terus didail walaupun papan kekunci
telefon bimbit anda dikunci ( Keypad lock )


Pernahkah anda tertinggal kunci kereta dalam kereta dan
kereta anda ketika itu terkunci dari luar.Mesti anda lakukan pelbagai
cara untuk mendapatkan kembali kunci bagi membuka semula kereta
anda.Jangan risau,telefon bimbit boleh membantu,tapi bagi kereta yang
menggunakan system penggera ( alarm ) sahaja . Caranya,cuba anda hubungi
seseorang yang berada di rumah.Minta dia ambilkan kunci pendua kereta
anda.Kemudian pegang telefon bimbit anda dari jarak kira-kira 30 sm (
satu kaki ) dari kereta yang terkunci itu.Minta pula keluarga atau teman
di rumah menekan punat ' ON ' pada kunci pendua kereta dan pastikan
dia menekan dengan mendekatkan pada telefon bimbitnya.Pasti kereta anda
tidak terkunci lagi,malah ia boleh dilakukan dari jarak beratus-ratus
kilometer dari tempat kereta anda berada.Kerana itu juga,penting untuk
anda menyimpan kunci pendua atau meminta orang yang anda percayai untuk
menyimpannya. Penting juga penggunaan telefon bimbit dalam keadaan
sebegini.Kaedah ini memang berkesan kerana beberapa orang telah


Mungkin ramai tidak tahu,telefon bimbit yang telah kehabisan
bateri masih boleh digunakan dalam keadaan kecemasan kerana ia mempunyai
fungsi untuk menyimpan bateri tambahan.Bayangkan jika bateri telefon
bimbit anda sudah terlalu lemah atau mati sedangkan anda perlu melakukan
panggilan penting atau berada dalam kecemasan.Telefon bimbit jenis Nokia
didatangkan dengan bateri simpanan.Untuk mengatifkannya, tekan kekunci '
*3370# ' . Telefon bimbit anda akan berjaya dihidupkan semula dan skrin
telefon akan memberitahu telefon tentang penambahan kuasa bateri
sebanyak 50 peratus.Kuasa tambahan ini juga akan dicas semula bila anda
mengecas telefon bimbit anda .


Bagaimana jika telefon bimbit anda dicuri.Anda
boleh menjadikan ia tidak dapat diaktifkan dengan menekan nombor siri
yang terdapat di telefon bimbit anda,sila dail *#06# dan 15 digit
nombor siri telefon bimbit anda akan tertera di skrin.Nombor ini adalah
unik untuk setiap telefon bimbit.Catatkan nombor siri ini dan simpannya
di tempat Selamat.Bila telefon bimbit anda dicuri,anda boleh hubungi
pusat servis telefon bimbit anda dan berikannya kod nombor siri
tersebut.Mereka kemudiannya akan mengunci system dalam telefon bimbit
anda dan sesiapa sahaja yang mencurinya pasti hampa kerana walaupun kad
simnya telah ditukar,dia tidak akan berupaya mengaktifkan kembali
telefon bimbit tersebut.Jadi, walaupun ia di curi,namun
sekurang-kurangnya anda berpuas hati kerana si pencuri takkan boleh
menggunakannya ataupun menjualnya

25 March 2009

Consumer Confidence Highest in 13 Months, According to Latest CEA-CNET Indexes

Consumer confidence in the overall economy increased in March to its highest level in more than a year, according to figures released today by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)® and CNET (www.CNET.com). Although consumers reported improved expectations for the broader economy, the CEA-CNET Indexes also show that technology spending continues to fall.

The CEA-CNET Index of Consumer Expectations (ICE) grew to its highest level since February 2008, reaching 173.1 in March. The ICE jumped nearly seven points from last month and ended three straight months of decline. The index, which measures consumer expectations about the overall economy, is also up nearly five points from this time last year.

“Consumers are feeling more confident and their overall expectations for the health of the economy are beginning to improve,” said Shawn DuBravac, CEA's economist and director of research. “Americans continue to worry about their own job security but are feeling more confident that the economy will improve in the coming months.”

While consumers are gaining confidence in the overall direction of the economy, confidence in CE and technology dropped for the fourth straight month. The CEA-CNET Index of Consumer Technology Expectations (ICTE) fell to 67.2, a drop of more than a point from last month, marking the lowest level of the ICTE since its inception in January of 2007. The ICTE, which measures consumers' confidence in consumer electronics and technology, is down more than 16 points from this same time last year.

“With recent increases in the stock market and some signs of firming in the real estate market, consumers are beginning to indicate they'll be better off financially over the next year,” said DuBravac. “Still, until consumers are more confident in an economic recovery, we expect consumer spending to remain muted.”

The CEA-CNET Indexes are comprised of the ICE and the ICTE, both of which are updated on a monthly basis through consumer surveys. New data is released on the fourth Tuesday of each month. CEA and CNET have been tracking index data since January 2007. To find current and past indexes, charts, methodology and future release dates, log on to www.CEACNETindexes.org.

Google Summer of Code 2009

Google Summer of Code is open once again to all Malaysian university students!

Google today announced the opening of the application period for university students who wish to participate in the Google Summer of Code™ 2009 program. Google is working with 150 mentoring organizations and will fund approximately 1,000 student projects in 2009, the fifth year of this program.

Student applications will be accepted from now until April 3, 2009 . Students who wish to join the Google Summer of Code (GSoC) should visit http://code.google.com/soc/ for more information. Program updates can also be viewed on the Google Open Source Blog at http://google-opensource.blogspot.com or http://google-opensource.blogspot.com/2009/03/students-apply-now-for-google-summer-of.html

"Last year, three students in Malaysia successfully completed their open source projects and collaborated with mentors in different countries around the world. We hope to get even more university students from Malaysia into the Google Summer of Code community this year," said Leslie Hawthorn, Google Open Source Team and GSoC program manager.

24 March 2009

New HP SmartPhone

HP has announced the newest members of the HP smartphone portfolio – giving users access to email, voice and GPS while on the go. (1,2)

The HP iPAQ Voice Messenger is a sleek 3G smartphone with an integrated 20-key keypad that allows users to access powerful voice, email and GPS applications. (1,2,3)

The HP iPAQ Data Messenger is a sophisticated 3G smartphone with a large touchscreen display, full slide-out alphanumeric keyboard and built-in GPS capabilities, (3) providing a new way to experience mobile messaging and navigation from HP.

“The new HP iPAQ smartphones are stylish additions to our mobile device portfolio that allows customers to connect how and when they want with a device that suits their work and lifestyle,” said Danny Lee, Country General Manager, Personal Systems Group, Hewlett-Packard (M) Sdn Bhd. “With our new HP iPAQ devices, customers can stay connected to the information, content and people that matter most to them.”

Stylish new 3G smartphones

The HP iPAQ Data Messenger and HP iPAQ Voice Messenger offer email and voice capabilities, along with convenient access to a wealth of applications, making it easy for people on the move to stay connected.

Users can easily access email and the Internet
around the world with advanced 3G wireless technologies, including HSPA broadband speeds, tri-band UMTS and quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE. Budget-conscious travelers can also save on their data-plan minutes, connect to the Internet and email (1) where Wi-Fi is available, and find their way on the road with integrated GPS and Google Maps™.

Both smartphones feature a unique five-way optical navigation button that provides a “gliding” sensation when scrolling through menus, and intelligent predictive text capabilities that learn users’ vocabulary and style from messages and emails for progressively faster and easier message composition.

Built-in Voice Commander features, such as HP Voice Reply, enable hands-free emailing. With integrated Windows® Live Messenger, instant messaging is more intuitive. Additionally, the familiar Windows Mobile® 6.1 operating system means many customers can skip the hassles of a “new phone” learning curve and IT departments can easily and securely integrate the iPAQ smartphones into their existing Microsoft® Exchange environments.

The HP iPAQ Data Messenger and the HP iPAQ Voice Messenger feature Microsoft Office Outlook Mobile, making synchronising contacts, appointments and tasks a breeze. Both devices feature ample memory to access important Microsoft Office Mobile files and store favourite photos and music with up to 8 gigabytes (GB) (5) of convenient micro secure digital (SD) storage. The 3.1 mega-pixel autofocus camera with 5x digital zoom makes capturing and sharing photos a snap.

A sleek package featuring a beautiful 2.4-inch QVGA screen, the HP iPAQ Voice Messenger packs a powerful punch with its many connectivity options and is ideal for people on the go who want a slim and stylish smartphone with a 20-key keypad design.

The HP iPAQ Data Messenger is a stunning 3G world phone with a large, 2.8-inch QVGA touchscreen designed for those who prefer composing their detailed messages on a full alphanumeric keyboard. The HP iPAQ Data Messenger’s large touchscreen display automatically rotates between portrait and landscape orientation to easily view mobile content.

Availability and pricing

The HP iPAQ Voice Messenger is available now at a recommended street price of RM1,388.

The HP iPAQ Data Messenger is available now at a recommended street price of RM2,088.

13 March 2009

Interview Rejects

Story I
E: Do u have a boyfriend?
C: I have.
E: Is he working Locally?
C: No. He is working Overseas.
E: Sorry, my company cannot employ u!
C: Why?
E: U will not be able to settle down here permanently. And my Company don't want to pay extra expenses on the Overseas calls just because of u.

Story II
E: Any girl friends?
C: No!
E: So far chased any before?
C: Have, but not successful.
E: Ever think of getting a job first then start looking for a girlfriend?
C: Career is first priority. Currently didn't want to consider This personal issue.
E: Sorry, my company cannot employ u.
C: Why?
E: You are lacking of P.R skills and confidence!!

Story III
E: Any girlfriends?
C: Yes.
E: Is she pretty?
C: Not quite.
E: Sorry, my company cannot employ you.
C: Why? Will this affect your company's reputation?
E: No, it does not affect the company's reputation but because My company is dealing with arts, our company requested an artist.

Story IV
E: Any girlfriends?
C: Yes.
E: Is she pretty?
C: Yes.
E: Is she your first lover?
C: Yes.
E: Sorry, we can't employ you because you lack of fighting spirit.

Story V
E: Any girlfriends?
C: Yes.
E: Is she your first lover?
C: No. Have a few already.
E: Sorry, my company cannot employ you because you are a "grasshoper"! (Job hoper lah!)

Story VI!
E: Any boyfriends?
C: Yes.
E: Is he rich?
C: No.
E: Then sorry, my company cannot employ you because our Company is dealing with money and you will seduce.

Story! VII
E: Any boyfriends?
C: Yes.
E: Is he rich ?
C: Yes, very rich.He owns a company.
E: Sorry, we cannot employ you because your boyfriend don't Even want to employ you, neither do we!
C: But,...... there is no position in his company.
E: Then,..... what is your qualification?
C: Secretary!
E: Sorry, we still cannot employ you because your prettiness Will affect our managers' working spirits.
C: But,...... I am not pretty at all.
E: It is even worse because my managers will not be interested In you!!

05 March 2009

Email Lawak Di Pagi Hari Yang Kudapat

suami tengah memandu.

Isteri : kita dah berkawin 15 tahun dah,saya rasa saya tak sesuai lagi bersama dengan awak... saya nak mintak cerai dengan awak.....

si suami diam dan terus memandu kereta ...bertambah laju....(70km)

isteri : saya dah tak cintakan awak lagi...sebenarnya saya
dah ada teman lelaki....dia akan berkawin dengan saya lepas awak ceraikan
saya... saya malas nak cerita panjang lagi..dan saya tak nak awak cuba
pujuk saya..saya dah bosan hidup dengan awak....!!

si suami terus memandu dengan penuh perasaan marah...masih diam...

Isteri : bila kita bercerai,saya nak rumah kita...

si suami masih diam ...memandu dengan lebih laju.....(80km)

isteri : saya nak anak kita juga...awak bukan bolehpelihara mereka.....

si suami masih diam ..tambah kelajuan (100 km)

isteri : saya nak kereta ini,kredit card dan saving akaun kita

sisuami masih diam, membelok kereta ke arah jaya jusco.......

isteri : awak ada ingin minta apa2??

suami : tak perlu....saya dah ada apa yang saya perlukan...

isteri : ya kah?? apa yang awak ada..??

suami : si suami menjawap sebelum beliau menlanggar dinding
konkrit jaya jusco... saya ada air bag.....awak tak ada..

04 March 2009

The New Hybrid Everio GZ-X900

JVC today announced a new dual-use camera that shoots high definition video and high resolution digital still images. The new hybrid Everio GZ-X900, or Everio X, is a small, light, all-in-one camera that offers the powerful shooting combination of Full HD video and nine -megapixel still photos, plus creative shooting functions such as slow motion video and high speed “motor drive” still photography.

Highlights of the new JVC Everio X include:

- The camera is small enough to slip into a shirt pocket and at just 0.66 pounds is one of the lightest cameras that can shoot 1920 x 1080 Full HD AVCHD video;
- Shoots nine-megapixel (no interpolation) digital stills and Full HD video with 1000 TV lines of horizontal resolution – close to the theoretical maximum horizontal resolution for 1920 x 1080 high definition video for no-compromise images;
- 10x slow motion shooting plays back 2.4 seconds of recorded video over 24 seconds;
- Up to six nine-megapixel stills can be shot at 15 images per second – faster than what digital SLRs can achieve;
- Simultaneous five-megapixel digital still shooting while recording Full HD video – photos can be shot at shutter speeds as fast as 1/4000 second without interrupting

video recording;
- Records video and stills to SDHC memory cards.

The new Everio X was designed for the consumer who wants to shoot high quality digital stills and HD video, but wants the convenience of a single camera. While most conventional video camcorders shoot digital stills and most digital still cameras shoot video, the secondary capabilities of these cameras don’t offer sufficient quality for many users. Everio X solves that dilemma by providing high quality stills and top quality HD video.

Unique Design

The design of Everio X is a distinct departure from other camcorders, including other Everio models. About the size of a chunky smart phone, Everio X is a slab-sided rectangle without the handgrip, protrusions or indentations found on most camcorders. The design allows plenty of flexibility in how the camera is held – from below, above, or whatever suits the situation and the user’s preference. There are top-mounted zoom and record buttons, and a second set next to the LCD screen for additional shooting flexibility. The camera is black with silver accents, with the right side featuring a textured carbon fiber-like finish to provide a secure grip and resist smudges.

Small enough to easily slip into a pocket or purse, Everio X weighs just 0.66 pounds (including the internal battery and a memory card) and measures 2.6 inches tall, 4.88 inches long and just 1.46 inches wide.

1000 TV Lines of Full HD and Nine-Megapixel Stills
A 10.3-megapixel CMOS sensor is at the heart of the camera’s superior image quality. The high quality nine-megapixel digital still photos the camera shoots correlate directly to the un-interpolated performance of this 1/2.33-inch CMOS sensor. For the first time ever, it is also the source of 1920 x 1080/60i Full HD AVCHD format video. The camera records at a stunning 1000 TV lines of horizontal resolution – close to the theoretical maximum of 1920 x 1080 Full HD.

JVC’s new proprietary optical image stabilization (OIS) technology applies camera shake compensation optically at the Everio X lens entrance to ensure effectiveness throughout the zoom range and allow high quality shooting without a tripod. Everio X also uses a new KONICA MINOLTA HD LENS with a 5X optical zoom.

Further contributing to the camera’s high image quality is JVC’s HD Gigabrid Premium image processing engine. In addition, face detection technology assures accurate focus and exposure, and HDMI™ V.1.3 with x.v.Color™ provides increased color accuracy when connected to HDTV displays.