27 August 2008

Journey To Putrajaya

I’m please to welcome Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim into Parliament tomorrow for bringing new dimension for good government.

Last night about 10.01pm he got 31,195 votes, Arif Shah, 15,524, Hanafi, 92. Anwar won with a majority of 15,671. Anwar's wife, Wan Azizah, had won the seat with a 13,398 majority

K-ONE Technology Berhad Unveils Latest Innovation

Product Innovation To Help Save Fuel

Updated on 27 Aug 2008

K-One Technology Berhad (K-One) unveiled its latest product innovation with the official launch of the K-One N870, a state of the art, portable global positioning system (GPS) navigator which helps save fuel, time and money while promoting safety in driving.

K-One N870, the first product marketed under the K-One brand name, enables drivers to arrive at their destination of choice in a hassle-free manner. With the Navigator, drivers can now plan their journey ahead of time using the most efficient routing possible, thus allowing them to save their hard-earned money on fuel. The navigation device also helps increase drivers’ level of alertness while reducing their stress level to ensure safer and less distracted driving.

The unveiling of the K-One N870 was officiated by Ir. Edwin Lim Beng Fook, Chairman of the K-One Group in the presence of the company’s board of directors, senior management team, the media fraternity, key business partners, dealers and invited guests.

“A unique feature of the K-One N870 is its smart and high performance antenna which provides consistently strong signal from one point of interest to another throughout the journey. This feature is very important in a GPS navigator as without strong signal, the device is as good as a clunky little box in your car or another me-too gadget which you carry around” said Ir. Edwin Lim in his speech.

“Besides its many features, customers of the K-One N870 can be assured of the after-sales service that the company offers. As a listed company with reliable track record, our customers do not have to worry about support services when purchasing our products. In fact, we are developing a website dedicated to the K-One N870 and future product family series at www.k-onegps.com to show our commitment towards our customers and dealers,” he added.

The launch of the K-One N870 also signifies the transformational growth of K-One from being solely a designer and manufacturer of electronic products for multinational OEMs/ODMs to venturing into developing its own brand of electronic products as an additional revenue stream for a more assured future. The K-One N870 is the first product marketed under the company’s name, in line with its long-term business strategy of introducing its own product to increase presence and prominence in the local and global markets. With the launch of the K-One N870, the K-One Group has taken a step forward towards achieving its vision of becoming a global one-stop technology solution provider as well as proving that Malaysia has world-class design to innovate superb electronic gadgets for the betterment of the world.

About K-One Technology Berhad

K-One Technology Berhad is a leading technology company providing design and manufacturing outsourcing capabilities to multinationals in high-tech electronic industries worldwide. Incorporated in 2001, it is a Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Status company listed in the MESDAQ market of Bursa Malaysia with sales revenue of RM56.1 million in 2007.

12 August 2008

These Common Mistakes Can Ruin Your Computer

courtesy from Yahoo!

These common mistakes can ruin your computer or invite identity theft

1. Assuming Your Security Software Is Protecting You

Security software is fully effective only when activated and frequently updated. (Most products can update automatically.) To update most commercial software products, you must pay an annual fee. Last fall, the National Cyber Security Alliance and the software maker McAfee found that nearly half the users polled who thought their software was protecting them hadn't updated it regularly. Software bundled with a new computer requires special attention because its subscription may expire within weeks.

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What you can do: Renew the subscription when the software prompts you. Make sure your security software is active when you're online and that it has been updated within the past week or so. (Most products will display that information.) If it wasn't updated recently, verify that its automatic updating feature is enabled. If it isn't, that's the problem; enable it, then update manually. If you can't, your subscription has probably expired. Renew it or call the software maker. If you can update only manually, automatic updating might not be working. Call the software company's support line for help. (For help in choosing security software, see our latest security suite report and Ratings of security software, available to subscribers.)

2. Accessing an Account Through an Email Link

No matter how official an e-mail message looks, trying to access a financial account by clicking on embedded Web links is risky. If the e-mail message is fraudulent, a cybercriminal could use the account number and password you enter to steal your identity or empty your bank account.

What you can do: If an e-mail message asks you to update your password, account number, or other information, don't take the bait. Access an online account only by using your existing browser bookmark or typing in the institution's Web address. If you suspect that an e-mail is a phishing attempt, forward it to spam@uce.gov and reportphishing@antiphishing.org.

3. Using a Single Password for All Online Accounts

Nine percent of home Internet users who responded to our State of the Net survey said they used a single password for all their accounts. That practice lets someone who gets your password and steals your identity easily access all your accounts.

What you can do: Using different passwords need not be burdensome. Do what 15 percent of the respondents to our survey do: Use variations on one password. A well-crafted password uses a combination of at least eight letters, numbers, or punctuation symbols. For convenience, you can use a fingerprint reader to store passwords for sites you go to often.

4. Downloading Free Software

You couldn't resist that neat, free utility. Or your teenager couldn't resist those fish-tank screen savers and smiley faces. Now your computer runs more slowly than ever. That's because spyware was probably packaged with the freebies.

What you can do: Download freeware only from reputable sites such as SnapFiles.com and Download.com. Tell your kids that free software is often anything but. Eliminate most spyware by downloading the free Microsoft Windows Defender and scanning your PC. If you use Windows Vista, there should already be a copy of Defender on your computer.

5. Thinking Your Mac Shields You From All Risks

According to this year's State of the Net survey, Mac users fall prey to phishing scams at about the same rate as Windows users, yet far fewer of them protect themselves with an anti-phishing toolbar. To make matters worse, the browser of choice for most Mac users, Apple's Safari, has no phishing protection. We think it should.

What you can do: Until Apple beefs up Safari, use a browser with phishing protection, such as the latest version of Firefox (shown at right) or Opera. Also try a free anti-phishing toolbar such as McAfee Site Advisor or FirePhish.
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6. Clicking on a Pop-up Ad That Says Your PC Is Insecure

Fifteen percent of respondents to our survey who saw pop-up ads clicked on them. But that's never a good idea. Even if you know such pop-ups are phonies, they're still dangerous. It's easy to click inside the ad by mistake and be transferred to a spyware site or, worse, have malware automatically downloaded onto your computer. Our survey showed that 13 percent of respondents who saw such a pop-up tried to close it but launched it instead; 3 percent clicked on a pop-up and got a malware infection.

What you can do: When closing a pop-up (shown at left), carefully click on the X on the upper left or right corner, not within the window. To avoid pop-ups altogether, enable your browser's pop-up blocker or use a free add-on blocker such as Google Toolbar.

7. Shopping Online the Same Way You Do in Stores

Online shopping requires special precautions because the risks are different than in a walk-in store: You can't always be sure who you're doing business with. You must disclose more personal information, such as your address, to the online retailer. Thieves can sneak in undetected between you and the retail site.

What you can do: Use a separate credit card just for your Internet shopping, as did 7 percent of respondents to our survey. Don't use a debit card. Sites that display "https" before their address when you're entering sensitive information and those displaying certification symbols from TRUSTe and other organizations are usually safe, but there are no guarantees. When in doubt, get a virtual account number from your credit-card company. It's good for only one purchase from a specific vendor.

My Weekend

As I really busy these 2 weeks for Sabah’s Trip under MSC Malaysia and my sister in-law’s wedding at the weekend, it turns back to normal weekend on this lovely Tuesday but bluwerk!
I need to wakeup at 6am just to go to my office to finish my story before afternoon, which contain of 40-paragraph… sound easy rite! Trust me, you’re not gonna get thru this situation.
Well, I managed to stop my typing at 9.45am before my mobile ringtone started to play, yes, my sweetie wife just called asking if could send her up to assignment. Yes! Of course babe.
Yet, I’ve got call from a clinic asked me to pickup my best friend who just admitted! Chena OO Chena!
And my work actually still doesn’t finish so far.
Thanks God because of His power I possibly resolve everything before 2pm!

08 August 2008

DiGi Appoints 3G Vendor

DiGi.Com Berhad (“DiGi”) announced the appointment of Huawei Technologies (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd as its vendor to integrate, deploy and manage its 3G network leading up to commercial launch in early 2009.

Under the agreement, Huawei will supply UMTS Radio Access and Packet-Switched Core Network services and equipment, and be responsible for the design, supply, installation, integration, optimization and maintenance of the first phase of DiGi’s 3G mobile broadband network.

Speaking at the closed-door signing ceremony, Johan Dennelind, CEO of DiGi said, “We are looking for partners in mobile broadband and advanced data services that possess technological competency, capability in the provision of end-to-end solutions for mobile broadband network, local presence, and proven track record in implementing 3G projects around the world. For the first phase, we found synergy in our vision and strategy with Huawei, and now look forward to a successful deployment.”

On the appointment, Huawei’s president of South Pacific Region, Jeff Liu said, “This is an important milestone for us and we are proud to have the opportunity to partner the fastest growing mobile service provider in Malaysia. We believe that our strength in WCDMA and experience in rolling out 3G networks will pave the way for a fruitful partnership.”

For DiGi, 3G offers opportunities for it to enhance network capacity and efficiency, as well as provide a platform for on-going innovation and development of enhanced mobile and broadband services using the latest technology in High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) available today.

“Our network deployment is now underway at locations where DiGi can best provide for Malaysians who demand enhanced mobile communication and faster wireless services. As such, we are now on track to bring internet to Malaysians both on big and small screens by early 2009, making high-speed Internet access simple and easily available,” added Johan.

Latest Nokia Gadgets!

Recognizing that no one style fits all, Nokia yesterday unveiled a new range of products to let consumers express their personal styles on a number of levels ranging from stylish designs, to personalization through vibrantly hued exchangeable covers, to entirely bespoke devices.

The first four devices to launch as part of the new Nokia Supernova range feature a mix of bold colors and of-the-moment designs, evoking the allure of the latest statement handbags or must-have sunglasses. Aimed at style conscious men and women who want to stay connected, the new range delivers exceptional mobile functionality alongside a variety of music and internet experiences.

Xpress Yourself

The new Nokia 7610, 7510 and 7310 Supernova devices give people an option to truly personalize their look by matching the style of their phone to their ever-changing moods with a choice of exchangeable Xpress-On covers in striking colors and glamorous surfaces.

Nokia 7610 Supernova

Featuring a slide design and smooth curves, the Nokia 7610 Supernova offers Xpress-On covers in a choice of a set of ‘steel blue’ and ‘red’ covers offset by a muted gray front surface, or 'bright lilac' and 'steel blue' contrasted against a pristine white front surface. The innovative Theme Colorizer feature lets people identify and capture any color and further tailor a look by applying captured colors to the phone’s key illumination and wallpaper.

Additional features include a 3.2 megapixel camera with dual LED flash and 8x digital zoom, instant messaging and TV out for image sharing. With the Nokia 7610 Supernova, consumers can also enjoy and manage music with a dedicated music key, FM-radio, an MP3 player and access to Nokia Music Store* through the Nokia Music PC Client. The Nokia WidSets service gives access to enjoy and share content on favourite websites through the device.

Nokia 7510 Supernova

The Nokia 7510 Supernova boasts an iconic fold design with a push-to-open side key. Available with Xpress-On front and back covers in ‘storm blue’, ‘red’, ‘emerald green’ and ‘espresso brown’ the Nokia 7510 Supernova features magical light effects with a hidden-until-lit display and a reminder light. With outstanding mechanical quality, a soft feel and solid metal hinge, the phone features a 2 megapixel camera with NIPS, LED flash, 4x digital zoom, a 512MB microSD card**, a large 2.2 inch QVGA display and a new user friendly Nokia web browser for easy access to Nokia Search, Share on OVI and Flickr.

With the Nokia 7510 Supernova, consumers can enjoy and manage music with an FM Radio, an enhanced MP3 player, access to Nokia Music Store and Nokia Music PC Client. Additional features include a link to YouTube, access to Nokia Maps 2.0 to navigate with free mapping, routing and local search, support of A-GPS and the Nokia WidSets service.

Nokia 7310 Supernova

The slim and sleek Nokia 7310 Supernova includes Xpress-On covers etched with daring 3D textured designs available in ‘steel blue’ plus a second front and back cover in ‘wasabi green’ or ‘candy pink’. A further six front and back cover options will be available for purchase in select markets in ‘mushroom silver’, ‘plum jam’, ‘electric blue’, ‘yellow mellow’, ‘espresso brown’ and ‘wasabi green’.

Additional features include a 2 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom and TV out for image sharing, instant messaging and playing the preinstalled games on TVAn FM RDS radio and an MP3 music player complete the offering for style conscious individuals that want to enjoy their music anytime, anywhere.

Nokia 7210 Supernova

For trend watchers who want simplicity with style, the Nokia 7210 Supernova has a chic, slim design and is available in a choice of ‘bubble gum pink’ and ‘vivid blue’ in a gloss finish. With the Nokia 7210 Supernova, people can enjoy music sideloaded from a PC or purchased from Nokia Music Store, as well as manage music with the new Nokia Music PC client, which is available for download. With an SD memory card slot, favorite music and videos can be easily played and saved. A 2 megapixel camera and access to Flickr provide one click access to share photos.

Pricing and Availability

The Nokia 7310 is already in the market with a Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of RM739. The Nokia 7610, Nokia 7510, and Nokia 7210 will be available in the market soon.

01 August 2008