30 October 2008

Enjoy the Best Rates With the Celcom Broadband Daily Unlimited Year End Sale

Celcom is once again treating customers to a new promotion called the “Celcom Broadband Daily Unlimited Sale”, in which its Broadband Daily Unlimited service has been re-priced to RM6 from the current RM8 for 24 hours usage. The promotion is valid from 28 October 2008 until 28 January 2009 in line with the festive year-end celebrations and also the school holidays.

To subscribe to the daily unlimited service, either type Broadband Daily and send to 28882 or dial *118# from a mobile phone and select broadband and follow the simple instructions.

Celcom Broadband was the first in Malaysia to offer the Daily Unlimited Mobile Broadband Package when it was officially launched on 31 July 2007. Celcom Broadband offers customers instant high speed Internet connectivity, anytime and anywhere instantaneously using their mobile phone. Coupled with Celcom’s undisputed network coverage, customers can always expect to be connected to the Internet at super fast speeds, no matter where they are.

“Over one year later, Celcom Broadband is proud to be the largest mobile broadband player in Malaysia with subscribers exceeding 170,000 on the Active Monthly Package. Celcom Broadband’s Daily Unlimited subscribers have also seen a substantial growth exceeding 45,000 successful subscriptions per month and steadily increasing,” said Dato’ Sri Shazalli Ramly, Chief Executive Officer, Celcom (Malaysia) Berhad. ‘This promotion is being introduced to coincide with the school holidays and year-end festive season so that more people are able to try the service before choosing our affordable monthly plans.”

Dato’ Sri Shazalli added that the Daily Unlimited package offers convenience for occasional users who now don't have the hassle of searching for a WiFi hotspot and can also enjoy the flexibility and choice of using the service with any 3G or HSDPA enabled device.

28 October 2008

Fright Free: 10 Least Scary Horror Movies

10 Scariest Movies Ever (Yahoo.com)


There's a fine line between being atmospheric and just being boring. This film -- about killer tree pollen -- is filled with long lingering pastoral shots of trees and tall grass punctuated by laughably spectacular mass suicides. In what is supposed to be a gripping suspense sequence, the heroes run away from the wind. Oooh, scary, scary wind. By the time the credits roll, you're more likely to be nodding off instead of contemplating the movie's "deep" ecological meaning.


The 1973 original, which was hailed as "the Citizen Kane of British horror," has an ending that still shocks. The only shock to be found in Neil LaBrute's unbelievably bad remake is the realization that well-paid movie professionals actually thought that dressing up Nic Cage in a bear suit would elicit anything other than laughter.


After watching the original Japanese version of the flick, a genuinely spooky flick about technology and loneliness, you'll never look at your computer in the same way again. This version, on the other hand, just felt stale. Moody lighting? Check. Freaky music video-like dream sequences? Check. Overbearing soundtrack? Check. Wildly over-produced special effects? Check. Vacant, gym-sculpted teens stumbling around in the dark? Check. The resulting movie, like most J-Horror remakes, was so dull that you could say it, um, lacked a pulse.


A band of hapless, nubile teens who venture to a remote island for a rave soon find themselves zombie bait. The characters, however, prove to be so bland and annoying that by the end of the flick, you're rooting for the undead -- at least they have personalities. Directed by German hack extraordinaire Uwe Boll, this movie doesn't have a tenth of the scares as the videogame it was based on, even though footage of the game is spliced into the action for no good reason.


Director Wes Craven has helmed horror masterpieces like Nightmare on Elm Street. Screenwriter Kevin Williamson wrote Scream. And star Christine Ricci is great at playing cute and creepy. So why is "Cursed" such a bore? It plays out like werewolves on the CW. The characters are all whiny, spoiled 20-somethings, and after the studio cut down the violence to get a PG-13 rating, there weren't any thrills left over. The only frightening thing about the flick is the bizarre Scott Baio cameo.


Stephen King has been responsible for some of the most terrifying books of all time. But, he's also be responsible for some of the dullest and silliest movies ever. When lists are compiled of people's biggest fears, "dropping a few extra pounds" isn't generally on there. But that's what happens to the overweight lawyer who gets a gypsy curse placed on him until he withers away to nothing. To break the spell, his mobster buddy strong-arms the shaman into transferring the curse to a pie. "The Shining" this ain't.


The original "Halloween," about a masked killer lumbering after babysitters, is pretty much the godfather of slasher flicks. In this installment of the franchise, the filmmakers jettison its original, financially-lucrative formula in favor of face-eating Halloween masks, shamrocks, and one of the most annoying commercial jingles ever written. Not surprisingly, the knife-wielding maniac returned in Halloween 4.


You'd think that escaping from a shark with a Charles Bronson-esque taste for vengeance would be easy. Just avoid the ocean. But this didn't seem to occur to the Brody family. Instead, they stubbornly remained in the Bahamas where they were terrorized by the shark's biologically-impossible roars. This movie is so dull that even the actors look bored, particularly Michael Caine, who couldn't collect his Oscar because he was stuck filming this dud.

9. TROLL 2

By pretty much any measure, this film has to be ranked as one of the worst films ever made. Describing the mind-bogglingly idiotic plot might very well induce a migraine, but it does include oozing chlorophyll, militantly vegetarian goblins, and some of the worst line readings in history. The main thing the movie lacks: a single troll.


To criticize this movie's staggering incompetence is like criticizing a child's drawing for not understanding perspective. Sure, the film features gasoline soaked paper plates posing as UFOs, ghouls terrorizing housewives in cardboard cemeteries, and talk of a bomb that causes sunlight to explode, but director Ed Wood's vision is so laughably juvenile and pure that the "Plan 9" seems strangely wholesome. And it's no more frightening than your average episode of "Mister Roger's Neighborhood."

There are a lot of truly terrible, laughably unscary horror films out there. Runners up for this list included: feardotcom, Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan, My Bloody Valentine, The Fog, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, Manos: The Hands of Fate, Orca, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, and Dark Water. What else should be on this list? You tell us.

Well, what say u guys? tell me which movie do you think can beat these 10hehehe. p/s I personally put 'Shutter' (Thai movie) as one of the scariest movie

17 October 2008

Microsoft BlueTrack Technology

Microsoft Hardware has introduced the world’s most advanced tracking technology, Microsoft BlueTrack Technology, which allows consumers to take their mice anywhere and work with confidence on more surfaces than ever before. Microsoft’s first-of-its-kind innovative tracking technology combines the width and power of optical technology with the precision of laser tracking to allow consumers to mouse on virtually any surface (except glass and mirrors) – from granite kitchen countertops to the living room carpet.

“Microsoft Hardware has always been at the forefront of innovation and BlueTrack Technology solidifies this position further,” said CP Chia, Senior Manager (Marketing) of ECS ASTAR Sdn Bhd , authorised distributor for Microsoft Hardware products in Malaysia . “We are very proud to be the distributor for these new Microsoft Hardware products in Malaysia and trust that they will be well received by the public,” he added.

“Research shows that people aren’t sitting at a desk all day, but they’ve gone mobile. PC shipments today are being driven by laptops and consumers need a mouse that can go with them anywhere,” said Katherine Teu, Regional Marketing Manager for Microsoft Hardware in South-East Asia . “BlueTrack Technology excels in areas where optical and laser technologies were falling short. Laser mice, for example, have a difficult time working on some common home surfaces, including granite and marble

LCD or Plasma TV?

There is still baffling among people of how to choose between LCD or PLASMA television in the market. Well, here some article related to that, perhaps it could guide you guys to consider before buying for your entertainment desires.

Question: What is the Difference Between an LCD TV and a Plasma TV?
Answer: Outward appearances are definitely deceiving when it comes to LCD and Plasma televisions. Although both types of televisions are flat and thin, they employ different technology in an attempt to deliver similar results.

Plasma TV Overview
Plasma television technology is based loosely on the fluorescent light bulb. The display itself consists of cells. Within each cell two glass panels are separated by a narrow gap in which neon-xenon gas is injected and sealed in plasma form during the manufacturing process. The gas is electrically charged at specific intervals when the Plasma set is in use. The charged gas then strikes red, green, and blue phosphors, thus creating a television image. Each group of red, green, and blue phosphors is called a pixel (picture element).
Although Plasma television technology eliminate the need for the bulky picture tube and electron beam scanning of traditional televisions, because it still employs the burning of phosphors to generate an image, Plasma televisions still suffer from some of the drawbacks of traditional televisions, such as heat generation and screen-burn of static images.

LCD TV Overview
LCD televisions, on the other hand, use a different technology (see also question #1 for this same explanation).
Basically, LCD panels are made of two layers of transparent material, which are polarized, and are "glued" together. One of the layers is coated with a special polymer that holds the individual liquid crystals. Current is then passed through individual crystals, which allow the crystals to pass or block light to create images. LCD crystals do not produce their own light, so an external light source, such as florescent bulb is needed for the image created by the LCD to become visible to the viewer.
Unlike standard CRT and Plasma televisions, since there are no phosphors that light up, less power is need for operation and the light source in an LCD television generates less heat than a Plasma or traditional television. Also, because of the nature of LCD technology, there is no radiation emitted from the screen itself.

Plasma vs LCD

The ADVANTAGES of Plasma over LCD are:
1. Larger screen size availability.
2. Better contrast ratio and ability to render deeper blacks.
3. Better color accuracy and saturation.
4. Better motion tracking (little or no motion lag in fast moving images).

The DISADVANTAGES of Plasma vs LCD include:
1. Plasma TVs are more susceptible to burn-in of static images.
2. Plasma TVs generate more heat than LCDs, due to the need to light of phosphors to create the images.
3. Does not perform as well at higher altitudes.
4. Shorter display life span (about 30,000 hours or 8 hrs of viewing a day for 9 years) than LCD. However, screen life span is improving to as high as 60,000 hours due to technology improvements.

LCD television ADVANTAGES over Plasma include:
1. No burn-in of static images.
2. Cooler running temperature.
3. No high altitude use issues.
4. Increased image brightness over Plasma.
5. Longer display life (about 60,000 hours - at which time all you may need to do is replace the light source, not the entire set). This can vary according other environmental and use factors.
6. Lighter weight (when comparing same screen sizes) than Plasma counterparts.

DISADVANTAGES of LCD vs Plasma televisions include:
1. Lower contrast ratio, not as good rendering deep blacks.
2. Not as good at tracking motion (fast moving objects may exhibit lag artifacts) - However, this is improving with the recent implementation of 120Hz screen refresh rates in higher-end LCD sets.
3. Not as common in large screen sizes above 42-inches as Plasma. However, the number is growing fast, with 46 and 47-inch screen sizes becoming more common, and some LCD sets having a screen size as large as 65-inches now available to the general public.
4. Although LCD televisions do not suffer from burn-in susceptibility, it is possible that individual pixels on an LCD televisions can burn out, causing small, visible, black or white dots to appear on the screen. Individual pixels cannot be repaired, the whole screen would need to be replaced at that point, if the individual pixel burnout becomes annoying to you.
5. LCD televisions are typically more expensive than equivalent-sized Plasma televisions (although this is changing), especially when comparing EDTV Plasmas to HDTV-LCD Televisions.

So, should I Buy an LCD Television or a Plasma Television?

Answer: The final decision as to what type of flat panel television to purchase (LCD or Plasma) is really up to you; both types of flat panel televisions have advantages and disadvantages.

Plasma Television Advantages

For Plasma televisions, the advantages over LCD, are: Better contrast ratio, better ability to render deep blacks, more color depth, better motion tracking (response time), and more availability in very large screen sizes.

Plasma Television Disadvantages

However, the disadvantages of Plasma vs LCD include: more susceptible to burn-in (although this is not as much of a factor now, due to technology improvements in the past few years), more heat generation, does not perform as well at higher altitudes, and shorter display life span (although this too is changing due to technology improvements), heavier weight, and more delicate to ship.

LCD Television Advantages

LCD television advantages include no burn-in susceptibility, cooler running, less screen glare, more functional at high altitudes, longer display life (although improvements are being made in Plasma screen life), looks better in brightly lit rooms.

Also, LCD televisions have made great strides in upping-the-ante in native pixel resolution, with a growing number of sets offering a full 1080p (1920x1080) display capability at affordable price levels in screen sizes ranging from 37-inches and up. On the other hand, the number of Plasma Televisions offering 1080p native pixel resolution are still few and far between, as well as being more expensive in comparison to their LCD counterparts.

One factor to consider in favor of LCD over Plasma (at least for the near future) is that if you are planning to purchase a Blu-ray Disc, HD-DVD, or Upscaling DVD Player, LCD may be a more cost-effective option as you can get a 1080p LCD set from 37-to-42-inches at a lower price than and 42-inch size Plasma set that has 1080p resolution.

One other factor to consider is that LCD televisions are typically lighter (when comparing same screen sizes) than their Plasma counterparts, making wall installation easier.

LCD Television Disadvantages

LCD televisions do have drawbacks in several areas vs Plasma televisions: Lower contrast ratio, not as good rendering deep blacks, not as good at tracking motion (although this is improving, especially with the implementation of 120Hz refresh rates on higher-end models).

Also, although LCD televisions do not suffer from burn-in susceptibility, it is possible that individual pixels on an LCD televisions can burn out, causing small, visible, black or white dots to appear on the screen. Individual pixels cannot be repaired, the whole screen would need to be replaced at that point, if the individual pixel burnout becomes annoying to you. Finally, large screen LCD televisions are usually more expensive than an equivalent-sized Plasma television, although the price gap is closing.

The Mercury Issue

Also, one argument that Plasma Television manufacturers are making about LCD Televisions is that they use mercury as part of the chemical makeup of the florescent lighting used to illuminate the screen surface.

However, this is a "red herring" with regards to choosing a Plasma Television over an LCD Television. In LCD sets, the amount of Mercury used is not only small, it never comes in contact with the user. Also, keep in mind that most common high-efficiency florescent lamps also use Mercury.

Mercury is one of the Earth's elements; its existence in nature is a part of natural processes and has both beneficial and non-beneficial uses, just as most other elements and chemical compounds. You are probably in more danger eating fish, that may contain traces of Mercury, a couple of times a week than watching, touching, or using an LCD TV. Also, with the development of LED lighting sources for use in LCD televisions, which is Mercury-free, this issue will resolve itself in the years ahead.

LCD Television and HDTV Reception

On the HDTV part of the equation, most LCD televisions already have built-in standard TV tuners (HDTV tuners must usually be added externally - but more are showing up as a standard feature), while many Plasmas are just monitors-only and may require both external standard and HDTV tuners to receive television signals (although more are beginning to include either NTSC and/or both HDTV tuners). This is definitely a point to check when making your buying decision as it will affect your budget.

Closing Thoughts

My recommendation is to go to a dealer and really take a look carefully at several Plasma and LCD televisions and compare the performance based on the above factors and narrow down your choices to one or two of both types and make your decision based on what type will give you the most pleasing image, connection flexibility, and fits your overall budget expectations.

However, both Flat Panel Plasma and LCD televisions are viable options for home theater, and, with prices continuing to come down and features and quality continuing to go up, both types are quickly becoming a good value for consumers

16 October 2008

Mobile Portability Number (MNP)

MNP program officially launched yesterday by Minister of Telecommunication, Water and Energy.

People has to know that MNP or Mobile Number Portability is a system that allows you to switch your mobile phone carrier without changing your current phone number.

Here 2 comments from Telco players in Malaysia which are DiGi and UMobile. I'll try to get other 2 Telcos to comment later.

DiGi’s CEO, Johan Dennelind

"MNP puts Malaysia at par with developed nations in terms of our telecommunications offering. This is an industry milestone that sets to raise the bar on mobile user experience," he said.

Johan added, Liberating consumers with the freedom to choose the best value they deserve, DiGi is in a sweet spot where we have, and will continue to be, at the forefront in delivering value to customers, with the introduction of industry’s first such as One Low Flat Rate to all network across prepaid, postpaid and business segments.

Customers can expect the unexpected from DiGi in the coming days. DiGi will make it easy for customers to enjoy greater savings, better connection with friends and family, latest innovation, best rewards and to top it off, an excellent customer experience. The race has begun. We are excited at the opportunity to shake up the market again.

Based on my interview with him this morning, he is confident to keep DiGi's customer to stay with them and stressed his positively thinking for DiGi's valuable plans will attract others to switch to DiGi.

Upon that matter, newcomer in Telco industry, U Mobile announced its nationwide Mobile Number Portability (“MNP”) promotional offerings that enable mobile phone users to easily switch to U Mobile’s exciting rate plans and enjoy great benefits at no extra cost.

Commenting on the nationwide rollout of the MNP service, Oh-Kwang Jin, U Mobile Chief Executive Officer said, “We are excited with the rollout of the MNP service, as mobile services users across Malaysia will now be able to enjoy true freedom of choice and benefit more from the services available in the market. We are confident that our fresh and innovative offerings will be attractive to mobile phone users who want to ‘call the shots’ in getting more value from the services they subscribe to.”

“One example is an offering that we will introduce soon, where U Mobile subscribers will get to make calls and send SMSes at a very attractive rate,” Oh added.

Under U Mobile’s MNP Promotion, both prepaid and postpaid subscribers of other mobile service providers can switch to U Mobile’s rate plans with no processing fee , as well as enjoy RM10 credited to their new account .

U Mobile will also give a free U Mobile 018 Prepaid Starter Pack with RM10 top-up credit to pre-paid and post-paid subscribers who are unsuccessful in their applications to switch to U Mobile.

In addition, prepaid subscribers who switch to the U Mobile 018 Prepaid Plan will receive 10 SMS free-of-charge for every RM10 of usage , up to a maximum of 110 SMSes per top-up, until December 31, 2008.

The U Mobile 018 Prepaid plan is a hassle-free plan that lets mobile phone users pay for only what they use. Subscribers enjoy per second billing for video calls and voice calls.

To further provide great saving, U Mobile will soon launch a new offering that will enable all subscribers to make more calls and send more SMSes without having to worry about incurring expensive phone bills. In addition, U Mobile will also introduce soon a new phone bundling plan for subscribers to own handsets at affordable prices .

“U Mobile’s MNP Promotion makes it easy for mobile phone users to switch to any of our service plans, at no extra cost, and enjoy the many benefits we are offering as a dynamic service provider that continuously listens to its customers and is committed to meeting their needs,” said Oh.

Mobile phone users who want to find out more about the U Mobile MNP Promotion and switch to U Mobile’s service plans can do so at any of U Mobile’s service centres and appointed dealers nationwide. U Mobile’s MNP Promotion is open to all prepaid subscribers nationwide, and postpaid subscribers with a 3G handset in the Klang Valley .

Users can find out more about U Mobile’s service centres and appointed dealers at U Mobile’s website, www.u.com.my , or call the U Mobile Contact Centre at 018 388 131.

15 October 2008

Logitech Harmony One Introduces Significant Evolution in Home-Entertainment Control

Do you still remember movie titled ‘Click’, which see Adam Sandler had trying hard to get his life better by using universal remote control for direct everything under one finger but it’s totally changed his life.

Well, I’m not gonna talk more about that movie but just to introduce you the latest universal remote control. Yes! Its control everything comprising your AV products, lighting or air conditioner as long as its have infrared system installed in it.

It was introduced by Logitech, world leader in personal peripherals, driving innovation in PC navigation, Internet communications, digital music, home-entertainment control, gaming and wireless devices early this morning.

Founded in 1981, Logitech International is a Swiss public company traded on the SWX Swiss Exchange (LOGN) and on the Nasdaq Global Select Market (LOGI).

Today Logitech (SWX: LOGN) (NASDAQ: LOGI) unveiled the Harmony® One advanced universal remote control, marking a significant leap in the evolution of the best-selling line of Harmony remotes. Offering the same one-touch, activity-based control as other Harmony remotes, the Harmony One makes controlling home entertainment even easier with a full-color touch screen, an intuitive button layout and an exceptionally comfortable user-friendly design. The product has received the CES 2008 Design and Engineering Award: Best of Innovations in Home-Entertainment Accessories.
As home-entertainment systems become more sophisticated and complex, people are often frustrated and overwhelmed by the need to have multiple devices, the frequent necessity for family members to have written instructions to control the system (otherwise known as a cheat sheet) and the growing number of remotes on the coffee table. And, according to industry research, more and more families will face this problem. IMS Research’s report, “The Future of High-Definition TV – 2007 Edition,” forecasts strong worldwide growth for HDTV over the next four years (nearly 148 million HDTV households by 2011). And in the U.S. alone, consumer spending on digital-living products is on track to hit $300 billion in 2010 (Parks Associates, “Digital Living Forecast,” Dec. 2006).

“The Harmony advanced universal remotes have been highly successful at providing easy, one-touch access to favorite activities, such as watching TV, playing a video game, or listening to music – all with a single remote,” said Ashish Arora, vice president and general manager of Logitech’s Harmony business unit. “To further improve our lineup, while developing Harmony One, we sought to intimately understand the interaction between people, their remotes, and their entertainment systems. In fact, Harmony One is the result of our most comprehensive research and development undertaking ever – more than 20,000 hours.”

A key outcome of Logitech’s research is a 2.2-inch color touch-screen that uses capacitive technology, which responds to tiny electrical charges from the fingertips. Capacitive touch-screen technology is more durable, compared to touch screens that respond to pressure. The color touch screen provides control of any home entertainment device with an infrared receiver, including digital video recorders, high-definition televisions and many household appliances. The Harmony One remote’s touch screen can also display icons of specified TV stations for quick access to favorite stations.

Based on a customer survey, Logitech also determined that it could improve its customers’ experience with the Harmony remote by creating a more intuitive button layout. For improved ease of use, the Harmony One remote provides an intelligent and intuitive button layout divided into four distinct zones (numbers; traditional DVD controls; D-pad with volume and channel up/down; and on-screen menu buttons) for seamless control of today’s most popular home entertainment devices. Only the 40 most-essential buttons appear on the Harmony One remote – so people can find the right one quickly. Each button is individually sculpted, providing useful tactile cues so people can operate the remote by touch, rather than relying on sight.

To better address ergonomics, the Harmony One remote features a curved, exceptionally comfortable shape that is easy for anyone in the family to hold, regardless of hand size. Presenting an elegant piano-black top and a silver base, and black buttons with white backlighting, Harmony One is the perfect complement for any living room. And the rechargeable remote’s recharging station has a sleek profile with an adjustable light that makes it easy to find, even in the dark.
In addition to its optimized design, the Harmony One delivers the renowned benefits common to the Harmony family of universal remotes, including its exclusive one-touch activity-based control system powered by the world’s largest A/V-control database of entertainment equipment, guided online setup and sophisticated telephone support.

The Evolution of One-Touch Activity Control
Using the Harmony One color touch screen, people simply touch the appropriate activity button and the Harmony One remote does the rest, including turning on the right components in the right order and setting the correct inputs. To watch a DVD, for example, people simply touch “Watch a DVD” on the touch screen. The Harmony One remote turns on the TV, the DVD player, and the A/V receiver. Then, if necessary, the Harmony One remote allows people to adjust the volume on the stereo system. There’s no need to control components individually – the Harmony One remote manages everything. And the Harmony One remote even provides interactive on-screen help if something interferes with an IR command (for example, if someone walks in front of the set-top box).

Patented Smart State Technology
Patented Smart State Technology® enables the Harmony One remote to deliver activity-based control. Smart State Technology allows the remote to track the power state and input setting of the various components it controls. With this technology, Harmony remote users can effortlessly switch between watching home theater and listening to music by selecting a single activity button.

Guided Online Setup
Logitech’s Internet-based setup makes getting the Harmony One up and running as easy as possible. With its intuitive setup wizard guiding the process, the Harmony One online interface allows people to enter their components’ make and model numbers. Then, this information is automatically matched to the characteristics, discrete codes and infrared commands of the more than 225,000 devices from more than 5,000 manufacturers (updated almost daily) contained in Logitech’s online database. Any devices that don’t match can be added using the online system, and the setup process lets people add the control signals from the original device's remote control to the Harmony One remote. When people want to add a device to their living room, they can be confident that the Harmony One remote can control it – today and tomorrow.

Pricing and Availability
The Harmony One is available in Malaysia at a suggested retail price of RM1,099-00

Symantec Phishing Info

Another contribution I’ve got from Symantec specialist who is Vice President of Consumer Business for Asia Pacific and Japan, David Freer. Hopefully it could help us to prevent our online banking

1. How is identity theft stolen online (e.g. phishing, etc)?

Identities can be stolen in both the online and offline world. The most common form of identity theft is online fraud. Online fraud is a common type of cybercrime that uses email, web sites, chat rooms or message boards. There are many different types of online fraud, including phishing and pharming scams, which use forged e-mails and Web sites to trick recipients into giving out personal information such as credit card data, social security numbers and passwords.

Phishing is a term used for fraudulent Internet "scams" that set out to deceive users into providing personal information that ends up in many cases, being used for identity theft.

In a common scenario, phishers will send mass emails. The emails appear to come from a legitimate company, and often try to evoke an emotional response to a phony crisis. Usually a request for sensitive information is made, sometimes directing the recipient to a spoofed Web page. The Web page, like the email, appears authentic, and in some instances its URL has been masked so the Web address even looks real. Because the email and its corresponding Web page seem bona fide, the phishers hope at least a fraction of recipients are fooled into submitting their data.
Phishers are also beginning to use viruses to do their dirty work. These viruses monitor your Internet activities, and will spring into action when you visit a particular site, either diverting you to an impostor site or capturing your keystrokes. Without virus protection you may have no idea malicious code resides your hard drive.

2. What type of financial documents can be forged with a false identity online (e.g banking fund transfers)?

Online banking is becoming increasingly common, and many of us use financial management software programs to handle our accounting and taxes. If hackers gain access to our computers, they can steal this information.
In addition, any document which requires personal and financial information such as your name, address, IC number, birth date, back account and/or credit card details or other identifying data are not spared from identity thieves. They can open new credit lines, access your back accounts or even apply for official documents like a driver’s license or passport – all in your name.

3. How do consumers know if they have been a victim of fraud? What can they do?

Consumers would be able to suspect if they are a fraud victim if they are denied credit for no apparent reason, or start receiving odd things in the mail such as credit cards they did not apply for. Failing to receive bills or other mails could mean an identity thief has taken over their account and changed their billing address. Lastly, being contacted by vendors regarding accounts they are unaware of, or even worse, by debt collectors for purchases someone else made, are also clear signs of identity theft problems.
If someone has stolen your identity, an immediate response is crucial in minimising damage. The following steps should be taken immediately to avoid further exploitation of the stolen identity:
 Immediately close financial accounts that may be compromised.
 Open new, password-protected accounts, but don't use obvious passwords like your birth date or street address.
 Cancel your driver's license or other IDs you've lost.
 If it becomes evident someone has been using your identity, report it to the police.

4. How can consumers prevent identity theft/ fraud online? Any tips?

Identity theft is serious business; in fact, it’s a federal crime. Results of the Federal Trade Commission’s 2006 Identity Theft Survey estimate that consumers lost over $1.1 billion dollars in 2006 due to identity theft. To avoid being a victim of this type of fraud, you need to protect your personal information online. It can take months, even years, to repair the damage if your name and credit are compromised by a thief. Some people have even been arrested for crimes they didn't commit.
Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect your personal information and identity. And should you become a victim, there are also ways to minimize the consequences and prevent further damage. It has become more important than ever to take measures to protect one’s identity – both online and off – and to learn what to do should you become a victim.
Offline measures
 Unless you're absolutely certain who you're talking to, don't give your IC number or other personal information over the phone or via text messages
 Use a shredder to destroy sensitive correspondence
 Lock your most sensitive documents in a safe, file cabinet, or safe deposit box
 Send mail at the post office or from a post box
 When you go out of town, ask the post office to hold your mail
 Pick up blank checks at your bank or have them sent to the post office rather than your front door
 Order a credit report and regularly check for unusual activity. If you see anything strange or unexpected, follow up on it immediately

Online measures
 Unless you're absolutely certain a site is legitimate and secure, don't provide your IC number over the Web; never send it in an email or instant message
 Always use secure Web sites when sending information or transacting business online
 Install a good firewall protection, antivirus software, and antispam filter. Or get them all with Norton 360 or Norton Internet Security. A program with antivirus & antispyware capabilities can detect and often remove crimeware threats that would otherwise remain hidden on your machine. If the threat can be detected but not removed, consult Symantec's free removal tool listing in order to see if the crimeware can be removed using a separately downloaded utility.
 Store sensitive financial and personal information in password-protected files and directories; use strong, non-obvious passwords
 Learn to spot fraudulent emails, Web sites, and other red flags associated with phishing scams
 Don't open email attachments from persons you don't know and trust

Identity theft is a serious crime with serious consequences, and it affects several million households each year. Remember, no one can protect you from identity theft but you. You have to take responsibility for yourself and for protecting your identity, and it is never too early to learn – hopefully not the hard way.

The Top 10 Tips to Avoid Phishing

Well. It’s pretty daunting when suddenly your bank account stated zero number once you’re clicking ATM machines number. Its all happen because of you just verified your account and pin number according to e-mail that you received few days ago.
That situation is not a flight of the imagination because it’s really going off nowadays as technology upward plus the deficient IT savvy among users.
I would like to give my token appreciation to Security Response Manager, F-Secure Security Labs Kuala Lumpur, Chia Wing Fei for sharing his TIPS to us to shun such thing transpire in our life

Please drop your contact in commentary box if you need assistance regarding this matter before its late and affecting your account number

By Chia Wing Fei

Security Response Manager

F-Secure Security Labs Kuala Lumpur

1. Always exercise caution when you receive an email asking you to confirm or update your details. Remember banks, auction sites, recruitment sites and other relevant websites do not send you such emails. Do not follow the link.
2. Manually type in the URL of in your web browser and double checking for any possible typos before you hit ENTER.
3. Look for the https:// at the beginning of the URL and the pad lock icon at the bottom of your browser to ensure that information submitted to the website is secure.
4. Check that the certificate of the website is genuine by double-clicking on the pad lock icon. Newer browsers like Firefox 3 does the checking for you automatically, if the certificate has expired, you will be prompted.
5. Especially for online banking, go with a bank provides you with at least two-factor based authentication mechanisms such as SMS transaction code or one-time password token.
6. Have a security suite that protects you from phishing installed on your computer and keep it updated all the time.
7. Install the latest patches and application updates to fix all vulnerabilities, have your firewall enabled and keep your security software updated always. This can be helpful in protecting you from banking Trojans or password stealers.
8. Never use a public or shared computer if you need to perform any such transactions.
9. Use an alternate browser such as Firefox 3 or Opera 9.5 which has better built-in features that protects and warns users from phishing or even harmful sites.
10. If you ever encounter a phishing site, immediately report this to the relevant authorities so that other users will not fall for it.

14 October 2008

New Asus with the name of N Series?

I was at the ASUS event yesterday, my eyes pointing at the label on most of the banner stated 'N Series' everywhere. I don't know why Asus choosen that name when its already associated with Nokia doh...

I didn't manage to get an explanation from ASUS personnel but i'll keep asking them later for that purpose.

Form following function—ASUS N Series notebooks epitomize style and productivity through smart technologies and innovative product design. Each N Series notebook comes with innovative technological developments such as the highly-efficient Super Hybrid Engine (SHE) which automatically allocates power, preserving battery life up to 35%*; the built-in Express Gate operating system that allows users to access their most commonly-used programs in 8 seconds*; and the SmartLogon facial recognition system that recognizes users’ facial features and logs them on without requiring any manual key input.

Comprising four models that cater to a myriad of tech-savvy users, each notebook represents the pinnacle of mobile computing.

The ASUS N Series
N10: Designed for optimized mobility, the ASUS N10 is perfect for individuals constantly on the move. Sporting a 10.2” monitor, the N10 delivers a multi-sensory experience with a NVIDIA GeForce 9300M graphics card and Intel Atom processor.

N20: Built for heavy usage, the ASUS N20 comes with a 12.1” monitor and up to 12 hours* of battery life. Equipped with an Altec Lansing sound system that provides excellent sound clarity, plus a highly efficient eSATA hard disk drive housed in a dust and moisture-resistant enclosure, the N20 is a versatile road performer for business and personal entertainment.

N80: Designed specifically for business executives and professionals in mind, the ASUS N80 comes with a 14.1” display powered by a standalone NVIDIA GeForce 9 Series graphics card with up to 1 GB of VRAM, complemented by Dolby Surround decoding to deliver impressive sound quality that is sure to impress in any business or personal situation.

N50: The ASUS N50 is truly the pinnacle of mobile computing, designed for intuitive control and user-friendliness. A multimedia touchpad serves as a responsive point of control as well as an intuitive and convenient multimedia control unit, complete with backlit buttons, for instantaneous multimedia enjoyment. Another unique feature of the N50 is its built-in Air Ionizer that not only helps clean the air around the user of allergens and germs, but also promotes air-flow and circulation.

Smart Looks – Cutting-edge Style
In designing the N Series notebooks, ASUS utilized cutting-edge technologies, particularly in the use of In-Mold Roller Technology which creates a scratch-resistant panel that retains its sheen even after prolonged use. Boasting a streamlined exterior with shiny metal-like inlaid patterns inspired by modernist art-deco, N Series notebooks deliver performance with style.

Smart Technology – Super Hybrid Engine
ASUS understands that one of the primary concerns of notebook computing has always been battery life. In response to the need for greater energy efficiency, ASUS N Series notebooks feature the Super Hybrid Engine (SHE) which consists of the Power4 Gear Hybrid application and the Energy Processing Unit (EPU). Power4 Gear Hybrid facilitates the deployment and usage of power according to the users’ preferences in relation to the specific tasks that they need to perform, while the EPU accurately detects the users’ power requirements and makes the necessary power adjustments. The combined energy saving effects of the SHE results in an extension of battery life of up to 35%*.

Smart Technology – Smart Bootups in 8 Seconds and Fast Internet Connectivity with Express Gate
N Series notebooks also reduce bootup times significantly with the ASUS Express Gate. Express Gate allows users to boot up in 8 seconds*, granting them instantaneous access to a built-in operating system that runs commonly-used applications such as Skype™, a music player, an email client and an Internet browser.

Smart Technology – Quick Logons through Facial Recognition
Continuing with the tradition of breaking tradition, ASUS introduces a whole new way in which users logon to their computers—through facial recognition. The SmartLogon system detects the user’s face and logs on without any intervention from the user. This system is designed to learn the variations of the user’s facial features, and is capable of performing detection in different lighting conditions.

Model N10 N20
Processor andCache Memory - Intel® Atom® Processor N270- Mobile Intel® 945GSE Express Chipset - Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor T9400/T5850/ P8600/P7350- Mobile Intel® PM45 Express Chipset- Intel® Wi-Fi Link 5100
Operating System Genuine Windows® XP HomeGenuine Windows Vista® Home Basic Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium Genuine Windows Vista® Business Genuine Windows Vista® Ultimate Genuine Windows Vista® Home Basic Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium Genuine Windows Vista® BusinessGenuine Windows Vista® Ultimate
Main Memory DDR2 667 MHz up to 2,048 MB DDR2 MHz 800 up to 4,096 MB
Display 10.2" 12.1" WXGA
Hard Disk Drive SATA 160 GB / 250 GB / 320 GB SATA 160 GB / 250 GB / 320 GB
Optical Drive N/A DVD Super MultiBlu-ray DVD Combo
Video Camera * (optional) Built-in 1.3 M Pixel camera Built-in 1.3 M Pixel camera
Fax/Modem/LAN/WLAN - Built-in Bluetooth™ V2.0+EDR (optional) - 802.11 a/b/g/n- 802.11 b/g - Built-in Bluetooth™ V2.0+EDR (optional)- 3G/3.5G Antenna support (in selected territories)
Dimensions and Weight - 27.6 cm (W) x 19.5 cm (D) x 2.99–3.71 cm (H)- 1.40 kg (with 3-cell battery) - 30.3 cm (W) x 22.5 cm (D) x 3.10–3.10 cm (H)- 1.85 kg (with 3-cell battery)

Model N80 N50
Processor and Cache Memory - Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor T9400/P8600/P8400/P7350/T5800 - Mobile Intel® PM45 Express Chipset- Intel® Wi-Fi Link 5100 - Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor T9400/T5850/P8600/P7350 - Mobile Intel® PM45 Express Chipset - Intel® Wi-Fi Link 5100/ Intel® WiMAX/ Wi-Fi Link 5150
Operating System Genuine Windows Vista® Home Basic Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium Genuine Windows Vista® BusinessGenuine Windows Vista® Ultimate Genuine Windows Vista® Home Basic Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium Genuine Windows Vista® Business
Main Memory DDR2 800 MHz up to 4,096MB DDR2 800 MHz up to 4,096MB
Display 14.1" WXGA Glare Type (LED backlit) / 14.1" WXGA+ Glare Type 15.4" WXGA VESA-like LED panel
Hard Drive SATA 160 GB / 200 GB / 250 GB / 320 GB SATA 160 GB / 250 GB / 320 GB / 500 GB
Optical Drive DVD Super Multi Blu-ray DVD Combo DVD Super MultiBlu-ray DVD Combo
Video Camera* (optional) Built-in 1.3 M Pixel camera Built-in 2.0 M Pixel camera
Fax/Modem/LAN/WLAN - Integrated Intel® High Definition Audio chip (Azalia)- Bluetooth™ V2.1+EDR (optional) - 10/100/1000 Base T- Built-in Bluetooth™ V2.1+EDR (optional)
Dimensions and Weight - 34.2 cm (W) x 25.68 cm (D) x 36 cm (H)- 2.69 kg (with 6-cell battery) - 36.9 cm (W) x 27.6 cm (D) x 2.90–4.30 cm (H)- 2.95 kg (with 6-cell battery)

ASUS Launches First Glide-enabled PDA Phone

For us in Malaysia, Asus might be famous because of its EeePC but never stop at that point, They also come out with the new ASUS P552w promises to revolutionize the way users work, ommunicate and play with innovative touch-responsive glide Interface.

ASUS today launched the ASUS P552w PDA phone which features Glide – an innovative touch-responsive user interface that makes navigating and performing tasks on a mobile phone more intuitive and interactive than ever before. Equipped with a 624MHz processor and a host of market-leading features such as 3.5G HSDPA connectivity, GPS and seamless Google integration*, the ASUS P552w PDA phone is a perfect fit for the rising tide of young, tech-savvy professionals who appreciate a good-looking mobile companion that packs a wealth of fun features and yet is no slouch when it comes to work.

Glide to a New Mobile Experience
Underpinning the ASUS P552w’s revolutionary touch-responsive user interface is its cutting-edge Gester technology that enables users to perform a variety of navigational actions – such as selecting, zooming, scrolling and flipping – easily through simple flicks of their fingers. Incorporated into Glide are also applications that enable users to access a wide range of functions such as looking up the latest news, checking the weather forecast, viewing photo slideshows and listening to music within a few finger taps. These applications, dubbed Multi-Home, Anytime Launcher, EziPhoto, and EziMusic, give the expression "the world at your fingertips" a whole new meaning.

Unprecedented Processing Power, Speed and Connectivity
The ASUS P552w boasts one of the most powerful CPUs (624MHz) on the market today. Apart from posting exceptional Vsbenchmark scores, the ASUS P552w’s real-world results are equally tangible – applications and games run noticeably faster and video frame rates are markedly smoother. The ASUS P552w also features 3.5G HSDPA (3.6Mbps) connectivity for the fastest Internet browsing, file sharing and TV program-streaming experience possible. Furthermore, it offers Bluetooth, WLAN 802.11b/g, GPS, USB and other connectivity standards to enable easy data transfers to and from other devices.

Deep Google Integration
The ASUS P552w features Google Maps* which not only facilitates navigation, but is capable of furnishing users with information on points of interest. The ASUS P552w’s navigation capabilities are further bolstered by a feature known as ASUS SMS Location Link. With this exclusive feature, users at two different locations can locate each other easily by sending each other SMS messages. Clicking on the URLs which are automatically embedded in the sent messages will link the phones up to Google Maps, which will then provide the users with clear directions on how to get to each other’s positions. The ASUS P552w also features a convenient Google Search Bar on the Today screen that makes it easier to perform online queries.

EziPhoto, EziMusic and Other Applications
The ASUS P552w comes preinstalled with applications that allow users to get an easy handle on entertainment. The most exciting of these are EziPhoto and EziMusic. EziPhoto enables users to flip through their photo collection with their fingertips, akin to how they would with a real album. It also has a Calendar option which organizes and displays the thumbnails of photos users have taken according to the dates in which they were snapped, allowing them to relive those moments in chronological order at a single glance. EziMusic offers an interactive interface – complete with exciting animations – for users to play and manage their music, performing each task with colorful aplomb. The ASUS P552w also houses applications that enable easy access to web content like RSS newsfeeds, YouTube movies and photos on Flickr, ensuring that users have a full complement of entertainment options to choose from while out of the house or office.

Networks HSDPA 3.6Mbps, UMTS 2100EDGE/GPRS/GSM 900/1800/1900, Class 10
Operating System Microsoft Windows® Mobile 6.1™ Professional
Color Black or White
Form factor Bar type
Dimensions 102 x 60.5 x 14.5 mm
Weight 105g (with battery)
Standby Time 300 hrs with 3G and 250 hrs with 2G**
Talk Time 3 hrs with 3G and 5 hrs with 2G**
Display 2.8” TFT, Touch Screen 65K color, QVGA 240 x 320 pixels
Processor Marvell Tavor 624MHz
Memory 256MB Flash + 128MB DDR
Expansion Slot MicroSD with SDHC support
Connectivity WLAN 802.11b+g , USB v1.1(FS), Bluetooth 2.0+EDR
WAP Browser HTTP / WAP 1.2.1/2.0
Messaging SMS / MMS / Email / MSN / Push E-mail
Battery 1100mAh Li-Ion
GPS SiRF StarIII with internal antenna
Business Applications
PIM Word (editor), Excel (editor), Power Point (viewer), IE, Windows® Live, MSN, Voice Commander and Push Email (Exchange Server).
Other Features Google Maps, Anytime Launcher, ASUS Today, Multi-Home, EziMusic and EziPhoto.
Multimedia & Entertainment
Camera 2.0 Mega pixel Fixed Focus
Video Record:MPEG4@QVGA 24fps / H.263@QCIF 24fpsPlayback:MPEG4@QVGA 30fps / H.263@QCIF 30fpsAudio/Video Streaming
Picture Format JPEG, PNG, GIP, BMP
Audio Format MP3, WMA, AAC, and AAC+
Ringtone Preinstalled with 20 ringtones and 10 special effect tones
JAVA J2ME (CLDC 1.1 + MIDP2.0)

A Little Revolution in Desktop Computing

It's in the market and yes, going to get its potential PC users. I'am talking about new ASUS Eee Box which delivers the ultimate space-saving, power efficient computing solution.

Fulfilling the needs of users who require a stylish, low-power computer with a minimal footprint, ASUS, producer of the world renowned Eee PC™, releases the new Eee Box. Replacing today’s bulky and boring PCs, users can refresh their working environment with a compact, elegant solution. With a range of exciting novelties, the Eee Box offers amazing journeys where users learn, work and play – all in line with the Eee PC™’s main tenet of easy use.

A Sleek, Stylish Performer

Merely 1L in size, the Eee Box is delightfully sleek. Slim as a paperback novel, users can reclaim the desk space previously lost to bulkier, intrusive desktop systems. The Eee Box even mounts VESA LCD displays for the ultimate space-saving solution. An accessible touch sensor button and vertical placement exudes a seamless and futuristic outlook; while smooth curves further accentuate a refined form that compliments most interior designs.

Just 7 Seconds* from Boot up to Internet

With the exclusive Express Gate – ASUS’ innovative fast boot technology, users can easily access the Internet, manage pictures, or communicate over IM/Skype just 7 seconds* after boot up. The Eee Box also supports the latest WiFi 802.11n wireless standard – providing up to eight times faster connectivity than previous 802.11b/g wireless. Users can download a 30 minute video in only 44 seconds – minimizing the wait and allowing time for twice as many movies.
*Actual boot time subject to hardware configuration and product model.

Love Your Environment

The innovative ASUS thermal solution integrates a unique heat dissipation module with the AI fan – allowing quiet (26db) and comfortable computing. Compared to full-sized desktop solutions, the Eee Box’s energy-efficient performance reduces power consumption by up to 90%. The Eee Box also utilizes Green Design and is made with only earth-friendly materials for reduced CO2 emissions; and conforms to stringent RoHS and WEEE standards. Users can thus be socially responsible while working, learning and playing in style!

Work, Play and WATCH

The Eee Box is the perfect choice for enjoying Internet TV. With an IPTV player, thousands of programs are freely available – allowing users to personalize and watch lists of TV shows with ease.


OS: Microsoft Windows XP Home
CPU: Intel Atom N270 (1.6 GHz)
Chipset:Intel Chipset
HDD: 80 GB
Card Reader: SD/SDHC/MS/MS Pro/MMC
WiFi: 802.11n
LAN: 10/100/1000
Price: RM 1,099

10 October 2008

World's Highest Resolution Full Frame DSLR by Sony

Sony Malaysia adds its latest top of the line a900 to its stable of high performance digital SLRs (DSLRs) with sporting the highest resolution in its class.

The a900 is equipped with 24.6 megapixel 35mm full frame size CMOS sensor 'Exmor' to take advantage of the superb resolving power of high precision alpha lenses for unprecedented image details.

Besides, its also comes with full size Optical viewfinder, intelligent preview and creative style options.

Plus, dual cross 9-point AF sensor system, durable and lightweight performance and PhotoTV HD could make it exciting and thrilling emotion to professional photographers.

Canon Transfers Its Unparalleled Lens Technology to Binoculars

Not even concentrating on imaging products, Canon Marketing (Malaysia), a global leader in photographic and digital imaging solutions, launched six models of its newly introduced binoculars series- 8x25 IS, 10x30 IS, 10x42 L IS WP, 18x50 IS AW, 15x50 IS AW and 12x36 IS II. Each model is equipped with Canon’s technologically advanced lenses.

Image Stabilizer Technology

Canon’s newly launched binoculars employ the groundbreaking Image Stabilizer (IS) technology which is widely available in its cameras. This technology will help minimise binocular shake” that would occur due to muscle fatigue or movement of the subject viewed. The Image Stabilizer System also utilises a Vari- Angle Prism (VAP) which has two sensors- vertical and horizontal that detects motion and a microprocessor that adjusts the Prism on each side to detect the amount of binocular shake. This sensor provides instant adjustment of the refraction angle to compensate for motion.

Rain or Shine- Sharp Viewing

The six models also serve its ultimate purpose of outdoor use as the models are either waterproof or water resistant. Built to withstand a wide range of conditions such as rain and high humidity, the 10x42 L IS WP can even be completely submerged in water.

Attention to Detail

Engineered to deliver quality performance, every pair of binoculars introduced by Canon uses state-of-the-art optical technology adapted from Canon’s EF lens series, giving them a level of clarity with unmatched resolution. Each lens has a Super Spectra Coating which increases image contrast while reducing lens flare and ghosting. Furthermore, aspherical elements incorporated into the lens design assure users sharper focus while cutting down image distortion.

Long Eye Relief

Built in to accommodate eyeglass wearers, the Long Eye Relief feature provides greater viewing comfort, while ergonomic built makes the binoculars each to hold. An optional anti-fog eyepiece helps to prevent condensation and fogging in bad weather.

Strong Grip

The non-slip rubber used to structure the exterior of the binoculars proves useful under the most testing conditions. The surface allows for better grip even if viewing under extreme weather conditions or for long hours. Also the light body weight of Canon’s binoculars reduces difficulties for the user.

Illustrious Canon “L” Lens- 10x24L IS WP

“L” lenses are denoted by a single red line on the lens barrel, Canon’s L lenses possess groundbreaking imaging performance, outstanding operability and are resistant to weather and ageing. Initially used in Canon’s range of professional camera lenses, L lenses are known for its exceptional quality, clarity and optical design.

These lenses are now fitted into the top-of –the line binocular model 10x24L IS WP. Designed to provide superior image quality throughout the full viewing area, two Ultra-low Dispersion (UD) elements on each side of the lens give user a bolder and brighter view as compared to conventional optics.

Environmental Friendly Optics

All Canon binoculars use environmentally friendly lead-free glass for the optical lenses. The lenses ensure high quality imaging performance without causing any unnecessary harm to the natural environment.

Availability & Pricing

Canon’s binocular models, 8x25 IS, 10x30 IS, 10x42L IS WP, 18x50 IS AW, 15x50 IS AW and 12 x 36 IS II will be available at Canon’s authorised dealers from 15 October 2008 at the recommended retail price of RM 999.00 , RM 1499.00 , RM 4199.00, RM 3649.00, RM 3349.00 and RM2199.00 respectively.

Canon Dominates the Point-and-Shoot Segment with 4 New PowerShots

The new models - PowerShot SX110IS, A2000IS, A1000IS and E1 are joining the ‘point-and-shoot’ segment that will make the user’s photography experience one of a kind. The models are sleeker, more powerful cameras that are easy to use with excellent functionality and performance.

Coupled with Canon’s lens-making expertise with zoom lenses, the latest PowerShot models offer a wide range of flexibility- 4x optical zoom (PowerShot A1000IS and E1), 6x (PowerShot A2000IS) and 10x optical zoom (PowerShot SX110IS). All four models feature Canon’s lens-shift type Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) for shake-free shots and enhanced low-light performance.

These four new slim, sleek and intelligent PowerShot models offer more easy-to-use intelligent features for that ‘Great Shot Every Time’. All four models are a perfect toy for the compulsive Facebook user or curious pro-sumer keen to explore detailed photography. Canon’s new PowerShot range was designed for effortless control and poetic results.

PowerShot SX110IS: Affordable, High Performing & Super Zoom capabilities.

Creating a new benchmark in Zoom, the PowerShot SX110IS will guarantee enviable results. Encased in a slim body which features Control Dial for easy operation, it packs the greatest Zoom (10X with OIS) among the four. There are also easy-to-use Manual controls for the fussy professional- the ISO sensitive P mode, Tv and Av modes (for aperture and shutter speeds) and the fully M (Manual) mode.

It’s also fitted with advanced Face Detection Technology, HI-ISO with Motion Detection Technology and the convenient Face Selector Button. There’s also the handy Auto Red Eye correction and Image Inspection Tool. The camera will focus and capture naturally a private dinner for a two or a rowdy party of nine. The new scene modes- Easy, Sunset and ISO 3200- also help cater for great, 9MP shots.

PowerShot A2000IS: Compact Mid Zoom Capabilities

PowerShot A2000IS is a slim and compact shooter that delivers high-powered, 10MP pictures and superior 6x Zoom with OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer), while remaining surprisingly affordable. Using the DIGIC III Imaging Processor, it offers advanced Face Detection technology- which includes OIS, Noise Reduction technology and Auto Hi-ISO mode (with Motion Detection capabilities)- all at the touch of a convenient Face Selector Button, which activates the Face Select and Track function for up to nine faces.

The people-friendly technology also includes Face Detection AF/AE/FE/WB and AF point zoom. Three new modes, ‘Easy’ (which further simplifies operation by disabling other controls), ‘Sunset’ and ISO3200 make it easier than ever to produce great memories, while on-the-go. Auto Red Eye correction and an Image Inspection Tool lets users check on image-quality. For those meticulous with composition, there’s the generous 3-inch LCD to help supervise every angle.

PowerShot A1000IS: Versatile Shooters

For a cheeky variation of the PowerShot A2000IS, there’s the PowerShot A1000IS a similar model which comes with 4X Zoom, a 2.5 inch LCD screen and four attractive colors (Desert Bronze, Deep Ocean, Wine Berry & Volcanic Gray).

PowerShot E1: Cute is me

Finally, the PowerShot E1 completes the line-up with similar technology- DIGIC III Imaging Processor, advanced Face Detection Technology, Hi-ISO Motion Detection Technology and a snazzy Face Selector Button, all in a new contemporary design. It’s also available in three desirable pastel shades of cotton pink, aqua blue and vanilla white, while offering 10MP shots, 4X Zoom with OIS, the three newly added scene modes of Easy, Sunset and ISO 3200.

Availability & Pricing

The Canon PowerShot SX110IS, A2000IS, A1000IS (with Batteries FOC 2xAA) and E1 cameras will be available at authorised Canon dealers from early October at the recommended retail price of RM 1,099.00 , RM799.00, RM699.00, and RM 699.00 respectively.

Canon’s New Range of High Definition Camcorders

Canon Marketing (Malaysia), a global leader in photographic and digital imaging solutions, today introduced its new range of high definition camcorders HG20, HG21 ad HF11 to satisfy users’ technological and aesthetical needs.

The new range offers a powerful combination of high definition specifications, practical and compact design, mobility, longer shooting time and speed. The Canon camcorders are a technological marvel that offer True 1920 x 1080 Full HD experiences- capturing Full HD Video by using Full HD Cmos Sensors.

High Definition Quality

In what is considered another industry’s first, Canon offers the highest bit rate video recording at 24 Mbps. Videos are guaranteed to be of the highest production quality. Coupled with the Canon HD Video Lens that provides superior resolution and vivid sharpness, and Canon’s renowned DIGIC DV II Image Processor, users are guaranteed that their cherished memories are captured in the best high-definition quality experience.

Longer Shooting Time

The use of an intelligent lithium ion battery also guarantees longer shooting times without disappointing power failures. Whether a novice filmmaker with ambitious dreams or a technically-fastidious professional with an eye for details, this AVCHD high-definition HDD video camcorder is a must- have in the production arsenal.

Storage Capacity

After the huge success of the brand’s foray into solid-state camcorders, Canon redefines high-definition elegance and portability with the new Canon HF11; a sleek, Dual Flash Memory camcorder which literally packs everything you need. And the HG20 and HG21 give great storage capacities for extended HD recording in Hard Disk Drive format.

Superior AVCHD Codec Technology

The Canon HG20 and HG21 AVCHD (Advanced Video High Definition) technology utilises advanced compression rates for high-definition video data. This highly efficient H.264 codec enhances all recorded data by allowing video compression without compromising on image quality.

The bottom line is, longer recording is made possible, and transferring HD footage from one media type to another becomes fuss-free with HDMI and high-speed USB 2.0 connectors. Packed with proprietary Canon technologies, the HG21 comes with a 120GB storage capacity and HG20 with 60GB on top of the built-in drive, which are also compatible with Secure Digital (SD) and Secure Digital High-Definition (SDHC) card.

HG20, HG21 and HF11: Solutions for Superb zoom and intuitive shooting
Thanks to a widescreen LCD monitor, it’s now easier than ever to get the shot desired. Whether shooting a movie or still, the camcorders enable admirable optical 12X zoom. A convenient joystick (rather than a navigation control dial) is also positioned on the LCD panel for easier manipulation of the controls. A helpful copy function between memories lets you navigate recorded footage easily as well.

Imagine a distinctly compact camcorder that’s the size of a can drink, with microphone and headphone jacks, smart les and image stabilization, and the aesthetics of Canon HG20, HG21 and HF11 is quite close. And if getting images printed as soon as they are snapped is the order of the day, the PictBridge compatibility is the answer. Both camcorders also come with HDMI connectors and mini AV Terminals for headphones and special D output.

Easy Sharing

What’s more; movies and photos are ready to be shared, as they use readily available SD/SDHC cards, high-speed USB 2.0, and operates the exposure and audio levels with manual controls. And for added convenience, both camcorders are designed with mini accessories shoes, and come with electrically powered lens covers, with built-in flash and white LED.

Hard Disk Drive Offers Ultra- Friendly Convenience

With the new HDD format, the need for cumbersome recording media is eradicated. The HG21 has a built-in 120GB of hard disk space, which translates into recording time of up to 45hrs, 55mins of video in LP mode. Both camcorders offer protect features to keep recordings safe; 1) Anti-Impact Tamper offers rubber cushions to absorb impact from drops, 2) Magnetic head withdrawal systems, automatically retracts the magnetic writing needle when the camera is accidentally dropped and 3) Buffer memory recording, stores video in a memory buffer to prevent recording disruption from power cuts and drops.

Dual Flash Memory Advantage Enhance Ruggedness

The advantage of using Dual Flash Memory, as seen in the HF11, is the complete lack of fragile parts. Besides the ultra compact and lightweight body, there is also instant start-up, which means immediate shooting is possible once the power is on- thanks to the combination of DIGIC DV with flash memory-based technology- making sure special moments are not lost. And since there are no moving parts, its operation is ultra-silent. Best of all, users will enjoy a longer recording time with or without using an SD card, as it offers up to 12hrs 15mins of video recording on 32GB built-in memory in LP mode.

The Canon HG20, HG21 and HF11 camcorders will be available at Canon’s Authorised Dealers from early October at the recommended retail price of RM4, 699.00, RM4, 999.00 and RM4, 999.00.

07 October 2008

HTC Touch VivaTM Gives Greater Variety and Choice

HTC Corporation, a global leader in mobile phone innovation and design, today introduced the HTC Touch VivaTM. Continuing HTC’s touch-phone tradition, the Touch VivaTM utilizes TouchFLOTM, HTC’s finger-touch optimized navigation experience enabling quick, one-touch access to the people, messages and information people want.

“The HTC Touch VivaTM embodies our commitment to build a family of touch phones that are powerful and stylish but also offer something to everyone,” said Jack Tong, VP of HTC Asia. “Whether you’re a professional or a student you can now get an HTC touch phone with a beautiful touch user experience.”

The Touch VivaTM blends an affordable touch phone with the benefits of HTC’s TouchFLOTM, an easy to use phone and an optimized mobile Internet experience. In addition, with Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional, users can easily synchronize their calendar, contacts, emails and more with their personal computer.

Feel the exhilaration of your first touch all over again. The HTC Touch Viva™ comprises the best elements of the touch screen experience in a device that's designed to put this latest, intuitive mobile phone technology in the hands of everyone with a passion for communication.

The compact design houses an ultra-sensitive touch screen for navigation through contacts, media and web pages with the new TouchFLO™, the latest in HTC's unique touch screen interface technology. Effortless to use and working in perfect harmony with the phone's main functions, the Touch Viva offers you the perfect welcome to touch-screen control.

Flip through your album artwork, pictures and videos as if they were picture cards in the palm of your hand on the sharp 2.8" screen. Visit your favourite websites and enjoy YouTube videos at this Mobile Internet era.

With a built in RSS feed to keep you abreast of the latest developments in the world of media, as well the capability to send and receive Outlook email with Microsoft Office documents instantly, you'll have a truly connected device at your fingertips.

Pricing & Availability:
The HTC Touch Viva™ will be available in Storm Gray, from mid October 2008 at all authorized resellers at a suggested retail price of RM 1,299.00.

HTC Expands Mobile Phone Portfolio With Introduction of S740

HTC Corporation, a global leader in mobile phone innovation and design, today announced the introduction of the HTC S740, a slim, compact, and stylish smartphone that provides the perfect combination of a traditional 12-key phone design with HTC’s signature sliding QWERTY keyboard for optimal messaging.

"Demand for high-performance, smart, mobile devices continues to see strong growth globally and HTC is well positioned to meet the varying needs of our diverse customer base," commented Jack Tong, VP of HTC Asia. "The HTC S740 combines a powerful, premium phone with a full slide-out keypad in a compact and sleek form factor. Clearly, one size does not fit all and the S740 will play an important role in expanding our growing portfolio of devices."

The S740 is designed to offer the most flexible and efficient messaging experience on the market. From the design of its 12-key keypad (ideal for super fast one hand messaging) and full QWERTY keyboard (perfect for those who prefer a two handed messaging experience) both input capabilities ensure efficient and accurate typing, as well as support for POP3, IMAP and Exchange push email. Instant messaging (IM) and SMS can also be accessed through the familiar 12-key interface on the front of the phone.

The HTC S740 features the fastest mobile broadband capabilities with a maximum download speed of 7.2 Mbps, up to 18 times faster than 3G. This true mobile broadband experience allows users to leverage the mobile Internet in a variety of ways including browsing to a favourite website. What’s more, HTC S740 is built-in GPS function, FM radio and 3.2 megapixel camera for stills and video.

The S740 follows the sleek design of HTC’s hit consumer handset, the HTC Touch Diamond. This slim smartphone features a matt black facetted back, a 2.4 inch QVGA display and slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

Pricing & Availability:

The HTC S740 will be available from end October 2008 at all authorized resellers at a suggested retail price of RM 1,999.00**