31 March 2010


ada orang kata (kebanyakannya) terutama readers it@metro who are complaining about the price of HSBB yang mahal dan tak masuk akal. mereka beranggapan harga serendah RM149 bukan harga mampu milik yang boleh mengakibatkan rakyat tak minat nak subscribe.
This could mean, HSBB will not attracts the penetration of broadband in the future which currently we have about 33.8 percent and we need to achieve 50 percent by the end of this year! itupun 33.8 percent tu usaha beberapa tahun tu.Mampu ke nak capai 50 percent ni.
Well, if u ask my opinion, HSBB definitely doesn't change Internet penetration. Where are the development of HSBB now? subang, shah alam, bangsar and ttdi which absolutely place for people (majority) who are already have internet connection at home (either fixed or mobile), so think it logically, it's impossible to say you can increase the number of broadband penetration.
Furthermore. the HSBB is far away to be installed in rural areas. so, can we achieve 50 percent? nope.
What has been done by TM is no doubt is a wise move but we have to speed it up and put 500 percent efforts to make it reality. if you could'nt pick up the demand, sub the contract to other parties.
Back to the price...RM149 to makcik or pakcik kat kampung? Can i afford to spend quarter of my income every month just for broadband? even if you have salary at RM3000 a month, do you think you can subscribe to basic HSBB?


SnowWolf said...

Chun la bro

YeMMa said...

Betul jugak kan..nak reach 50% will takes time for sure unless ppl dh sedar bahawasanya 1MB utk internet sgt lah tak mcukupi,and yess it's a bit pricey. Sgt terasa cz saya pengguna internet di rumah after working hours. MAHAL MAHAL..tp laju! boley dload muvee dgn sgt pantas. So i guess ade baik buruk nyer lah..